Can I help my Thai/Filipina girlfriend obtain her Tourist visa to visit me in Australia?

If you are an Australian and have a girlfriend from Thailand or the Philippines (or any other country) the chances are that, at least initially, you have come to their country to visit them and not the other way around. At some stage you may decide that you want your girlfriend to visit you in Australia for a holiday or to meet your family and friends. All foreigners entering Australia need a visa to enter Australia and for some obtaining a visa can be difficult.

The level of difficulty depends firstly upon what country your girlfriend is from and secondly on the personal situation of the Applicant for the visa (your girlfriend). Citizens from countries such as Thailand and the Philippines are considered to be ‘high risk’ by the Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) and because of this they are required to submit a paper application and provide a lot of supporting documentation. This supporting documentation has everything to do with the personal situation of the applicant for the visa. If your girlfriend is financially independent or has good savings, has a good job, has a clear visa history – any and all of these things would be likely to help her chances of obtaining an Australian visa.

Also, if, as discussed above if she has an Australian friend or boyfriend then you the Australian may be able to provide assistance to her application. You can offer to support her visit to Australia. There are many ways you can do this. You can write a letter of invitation to the Australian Embassy on behalf of your girlfriend. In this invitation, if it is appropriate, you may want to let the Embassy know that you can financially support the visit of your girlfriend. It all depends on your girlfriend and her situation – does she have enough money to show that she can support her visit to Australia or not. As part of your offer of financial support you might want to show a bank account or show that you are working and have an income.

Your letter of support or invitation may or may not carry a lot of weight depending upon your personal situation as well as your relationship with your Thai or Filipina girlfriend. Just because an Australian writes a letter of invitation for his girlfriend does not mean that she will automatically get her visa. A letter of invitation needs to be structured carefully to put forward the strongest possible case for your girlfriends visit. Because of the large numbers of applications refused by the Australian Embassy in Bangkok and Manila we strongly recommend that you consult a visa expert to assist you so you and your girlfriend can submit a very strong application and give her the best chance of success.

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